Judge profile for Daniel Granger

Daniel Granger
Salon Owner | Schwarzkopf Ambassador | E4 Body Fixers

Hairdressing was realistically my only career choice. As a child, I wanted to follow in my father’s footsteps and become an architect or a builder. The idea of creating something practical yet beautiful, quite literally from the ground up, appealed to me at a young age. The Christmas after my father passed, at the age of fourteen, I was given a pair of clippers, with the intention of saving money by cutting hair from home. This gave me a purpose. After getting to grips with the basics it became clear I could create every day, I could sculpt and craft with the same artistic ideals, but the positive re-enforcement I received from family and friends after a cut was instant and addictive. Looking back, I would not have chosen to pursue anything else.

My philosophy from day one has been hard work, determination and always holding on to that dream in my mind.

As a global Educator and Schwarzkopf Ambassador, I aim to inspire and motivate fellow hairdressers of all levels, from those who haven’t even picked up a pair of scissors before to the seasoned, salon veteran, on the fundamentals of hairdressing – essential skills to advanced cutting techniques. There is an energy in the art of hairdressing which is so often forgotten – performance and delivery are paramount, and every session with me is often referred to as ‘an educational show’. The team at Daniel Granger Hairdressing embrace education, with many of the team going on to educate others.

‘The Perfectionist‘ a Daniel Granger Academy is here to share our passion for education, and allow you into our world of the art of hairdressing.

You may have seen some of my TV work on ‘Great British Hairdresser’, or more recently ‘Body Fixers’. Hair can determine your identity, it visualises your personality, and it gives you confidence. But what if the hair was taken away from you? Many of my clients have problems with their hair. My aim is to work with them to restore their confidence and to understand their story and how we can create a beautiful look that is exactly what they have dreamt of – that gives them back their identity and opportunity to let their personality shine. I specialise in bespoke wigs [insert wig page], hair pieces and creative and specialist precision cutting.

That said, my hub is my salon, my incredible team and my clients. The core purpose of Daniel Granger Hairdressing is to restore and maintain happiness and confidence to you, our clients, by ensuring we exceed your hair expectations and provide you with an atmosphere where you feel entirely comfortable. We want you to be youand we want you to LOVE you. Our philosophy is based on challenging the status quo, and I encourage my team to consistently push the boundaries and get creative in order to ensure they have confidence in advising you on your dream hair, and executing to perfection the looks you desire. 

Take a look at some of our collections over the years, showcasing our creativity, flare and artwork – I know you are going to love them and find some inspiration.

We aim to be the hairdressers of the past, present and future. We are at the forefront of what we do. We can’t wait to see you.